Message from Principal

Dear aspiring students,
The career of a genuine student kicks off after the completion of basic level education as it opens the doors for higher studies. Two questions pertinently arise to the parents and children. One is about selection of college and the other is about selection of subject. In my opinion, student at such a tender age (mid teen) may not be able to correctly choose the subject and college he/she is willing to join and learn. Apart from the interest of children, before taking a final decision, guardians should be cautious and seek support from those who have a long experience and knowledge in the academic field.
Since establishment, New Capital School has been serving the students of various districts through quality education, students of east chitwan in particular. This institution being developed as an ACADEMY is run by a group of young, experienced and skilled human power who are clear about their MANZIL, the destination and dedicated to serve in school/college throughout their lives come what may. Hundreds of its graduates have shown their best performances in the different fields like medicine, engineering, veterinary science, CA and so on and so forth. Besides making students secure highest marks in the examination, it makes students self-reliant, self-determined, accountable and sincere to their profession. Finally, I would like to invite everyone concerned to see this institution whether the school is really striving for changing the lives of people through 21st Century relevant education. And I solicit all the members of New Capital family for their consistent support and dedication to prove once again New Capital College believes EXCELLENCE is a habit not a practice.
Bhupendra Dhital